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There are a number of books available to buy which provide both inspiration and guidance for charm collecting. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post if you know of a book I've missed out which deserves a mention. For now though, in no particular order:

Charmed Bracelets Book by Tracey Zabar | Silver Star Charms       The Charm of Charms by Albert Jade | Silver Star Charms       Charms and Charm Bracelets: The Complete Guide by Joanne Schwartz | Silver Star Charms

Charms to Collect by Marjorie Congram | Silver Star Charms       Antique and vintage sterling silver ornate puffy heart charm bracelet | Silver Star Charms       Charming: The Magic of Charm Jewelry by Deborah Alun-Jones | Silver Star Charms

Charming: Jewelry With A Message by The Brighton Company | Silver Star Charms       My Mother's Charms by Kathleen Oldford | Silver Star Charms       A Passion for Charms by Amy Elliott | Silver Star Charms

From left to right:

Charmed Bracelets Book | Tracey Zabar

The Charm of Charms | Albert Jade

Charms and Charm Bracelets: The Complete Guide | Joanne Schwartz

Charms to Collect | Marjorie Congram

Centre: A puffy heart charm bracelet from my collection

Charming: The Magic of Charm Jewelry | Deborah Alun-Jones

Charming: Jewelry With A Message | The Brighton Company

My Mother's Charms | Kathleen Oldford

A Passion for Charms | Amy Elliott

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vicky pittman
vicky pittman

December 12, 2016

i have every one of these books except “Charms to Collect” by M. Congram. My favorite is the Schiffer book (the complete guide) and “The Charm of Charms.” The Schiffer book truly is the ‘charm bible.’ I liked the Charm of Charms much better than most other amazon reviewers, so you can’t always go by reviews. But I enjoy any charm book I can get my hands on :)

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