June 21, 2016

This beautiful bracelet has been put together by Panda, whose provided the following fascinating stories behind some of the charms she's chosen to represent many of her milestones and memories.

A lot of the charms relate to personal milestones or significant events during those years. There is a tiny glass milk bottle in a carry crate. That reminds me of the Free Milk program that ran for many years at schools. Every child had to line up early morning and drink a small bottle of milk with a silver top. The milk in Summer was horrendous after sitting in the hot sun for hours beforehand but every kid had to drink the milk.

There is a Year Book charm which has an old school photo of me inside from my first year at school.

I have a rectangular pencil case charm which opens to reveal tiny coloured pencils.

An apricot charm with knife and bicycle reminds me of my first job as a 12 year old where I sliced apricots all Summer for dried fruit to buy my first bicycle.

There's a Sweet 16 Charm next to a Heidelburg Shield Charm which reminds me of the time I spent in Germany as an exchange student when I was 16.

The opening clock charm has a tiny handwritten on paper poem my Mum wrote for me when I was starting Uni.

There is an Emergency Phone Call dime charm where the dime is in the year of my birth.

There is an enamelled YoYo charm, along with a roller skate and tricycle charm. Next to that is an enamelled BandAid charm complete with enamel "blood" on the reverse of the bandage. Then an ice cream charm... we'd usually get an ice cream treat after nasty spills off tricycles or roller skates.

Australian charm bracelet representing childhood memories and milestones

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