February 01, 2016

Atomium Charm | Sold November 2015 | Silver, originally sold as a souvenir for the Brussels Expo 1958 World’s Fair.
Bell Charm | Sold November 2015 | English silver with a yellow crystal clapper and a great tinkle!
Cheeky Devil Charm | Sold November 2015 | Nicely detailed silver imp dancing and thumbing his nose.
Map of Devon Charm | Sold November 2015 | Silver and green enamel. Made by 'WBs', Birmingham 1964.
Diving Helmet Charm | Sold November 2015 | Made in the 1960s-1970s, opens to a little crab.
Ring Duo Charm | Sold November 2015 | Made in the 1960s-1970s, wedding band and pink crystal engagement ring.

Vintage Silver Atomium Brussels Charm      Silver and Yellow Crystal Vintage Silver Bell Charm Pendant      Vintage Silver Dancing Devil Charm Pendant

Vintage Silver Enamel Map of Devon England Charm Pendant      Diving Helmet and Crab Silver Vintage Charm Pendant      Wedding Band and Pink Engagement Ring Set Charm Pendant

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